This is a half day event with world renowned AI and ML leaders from Google, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, industry and academia

As AI and ML become ubiquitous, there are still some hard science problems in Enterprise AI that need to be addressed. We will dive deep into the state of Applied AI today, outline some of the challenges and address how best to combat those challenges

The event will be kicked off by Peter Norvig from Google and Alon Halevy from Facebook. They will discuss the evolution of ML over time. We will then follow it up with a talk by Frank Hutter, the world’s leading expert on AutoML and Neural Architecture Search.

We will also dive deep into state-of-the-art language models with Pilar Manchon from Google and talk about the applications of AI in finance, insurance and health-care in an all-star panel discussion headlined by Marty Chavez, the ex-CIO and CFO of Goldman Sachs.

There will be a raffle at the end of each session and we will be giving away a pair of airpods pro to the winners!